English Arts and Crafts

18 Aug

English Arts and Crafts:

reform development strives to change the working conditions of  craftspeople while improving quality of design

emphasizes pre-industrial values

medieval-like craft guilds

promotes intelligent space planning , allowances for human needs, design unity, harmony with the natural environment, and honesty of materials

blend these principles with concepts from the vernacular, Japan, and others


attempts to reform both design and society by uniting art and craftsmanship

simplicity, suitability to purpose,  structural honesty, honest use of materials, excellent craftsmanship, functionality, elimination of the unnecessary, and regionalism or sense of peace


sunflowers, lilies, birds, images and letters from medieval manuscripts, Gothic details, and Oriental images


many variations because of the individualist architects who believe in freedom of expression and frequently experiment with form and materials

visual language uses individual forms and elements to symbolize home, family, refuge, and shelter

materials and structure depict the function of the building and interiors within

Materials- stone, brick, and wood


intergrate elements of architecture along with furnishings and decorative arts into a unified whole

attention to details and handcrafted work complement the concept of the parts blended into a whole

free-flowing space, asymmetrical organization, horizontal movement, rectangular shapes, and straight lines


displays similar concepts to architecture and interiors

revealed structure, truth of and delight in materials, and compositions based upon vernacular or traditional forms

freedom in expression and marked individuality

Materials- local woods, oak, elm, some designers used exotic woods for accents, inlay, veneers, and marquetry



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