Shingle Style and American Arts and Crafts

18 Aug

Shingle Style and American Arts and Crafts:

unique to architecture in the Untied States

New England’s Colonial architecture combined with English Queen Anne style

picturesque, rambling, irregular, and covered with wood shingles


roots of Shingle Style are in English Queen Anne architecture and 17th century building of New England

shingles, additive or rambling qualities, and broad roofs characteristic of early houses become defining elements


flowers, trees, foliage, animals, geometric motifs, Gothic details, and Oriental images


came from explorations of Colonial architecture and resort vacations to the newly wealthy leisured class

style appeals because it recalls but is not shackled by the past and exhibits freedom of expression, informality, and continuity of texture

shingles cover all or nearly all the wall surfaces, columns, and details

Materials- wood is the main material, few examples of stone or rubble

Arts and Crafts- simple host, emphasizing structure and function, vernacular traditions, close ties to the landscape and location


integrate architecture, furnishings, and decorative arts into a unified whole

Shingle- take influences from English Queen Anne and Japanese architecture

attention to details and handcrafted work complement the harmonious concept of the blend

open space, asymmetrical arrangements, horizontality, rectangular shapes


furniture designed by architects Wright or the Greene brothers

individually handcrafted or mass-produced

furniture is arranged around architectural elements

Materials- oak, mahogany or rosewood


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