Art Deco, Art Moderne

6 Sep

Art Deco, Art Moderne:

art deco is an international style with a diversity of expressions in all the design arts, including architecture, interior design, funiture, decorative arts, graphic design, book arts, fashion, and film


elements surfaced in France of Art Deco

with some elements of Art Nouveau like the minimalism and geometry of the Vienna Secession in AUstria and Charles Rennie Machintosh in Scotland, and more stylized and naturalistic expression in Paris

absorbs function and new materials


Natural Motifs- stylized flowers and garlands, banana leaves, stylized water fountains, feathers, doves


applies stylized and abstracted geometric, floral, figural decoration and brilliant color to classical and modernistic forms

come buildings have classical attributes

Expressionism, De Stijl, Le Corbusier, and Bauhaus influenced their work


French artistic designers not architects create Art Deco style

renewed importance of and emphasis upon decoration and supremacy of the designer’s creativity

interior design, designers, and decorators become more important

superb craftsmanship, expensive materials, and lavish decoration from many sources are definitive characteristics



repeats architectural and interior character in form and motif

Art Deco inspires High-style French furniture

elegance, individuality, excellent craftsmanship, and expensive materials

Art Moderne furniture is mass produced and sometimes created by a designer, has streamlined, geometric, or biomorphic forms, simple contours, no ornament


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