Scandinavian Modern

6 Sep

Scandinavian Modern:

describes a specific architecture, interior, and furnishings from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway in 20th century

adopting elements of  Bauhaus and International Style modernism


Scandinavian architects and designers are less concerned with design theory than practical and social humanitarian matters

centering on creating designs that are functional yet reflect humanity in planning, scale, and materials


purely modern expression often have no or minimal applied ornament or decoration

so there are few motifs- foliage and plants


architecture ranges from rugged stone composions with steeply pitched roofs and bay windows to plain brick facades composed of geometric forms and rectangular windows

various national and international styles


most interiors are simple and modest with minimal furnishings

function, lightness, natural light, and an appreciation for natural materials and textures are more important than applied decoration and/or just filling a space

interiors by architects have the most variety and show greater concern for pleasant sensory experiences through spatial changes, color, light, and texture


furniture ranges from totally handmade to completely mass-produced, with varying increments between the two

furniture design becomes a collaborative effort among designers, artisans, and manufactures

emulate Vienna Secession model of craftsmanship and individuality


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